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Joselito Altarejos is a television and film director in the Philippines.  He is also Creative Director for BEYONDtheBOX, a group of media practitioners formed in 2003. 

BEYONDtheBOX produces TV commercials, audio-visual presentations and digital films. Among its clients are Digital Viva, Nestle Philippines, Bayer, White Flower, Fernslim, Chris Cahilig Consultancy and Mindworks, Inc.  It has been giving acting and TV production workshops to students and aspiring actors since its inception in 2003 in Baguio City.

Altarejos' first two digital films, Ang Lalake sa Parola and Ang Lihim ni Antonio were both critical and commercial successes with "Parola" being graded B by the Philippine Cinema Evaluation Board, and "Antonio" becoming the highest grossing digital film ever shown in Robinson’s Cinemas.

At present, he is based in Quezon City, Philippines.


- Kambyo (Change Gear)
- Ang Lihim ni Antonio (Antonio’s Secret)
• 2008 Cinemalaya Inpendent Film Festival , Philippines – Special Selection (July)
• 2008 IMAGEOUT Rochester Lesbian & Gay Film festival –Rochester, New York, USA
Official Selection (October)
- Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse)
• Graded B: Cinema Evaluation Board, Philippines
• 2008 Cinemalaya Inpendent Film Festival , Philippines – Special Selection (July)
• Director’s Cut Film Festival
University of the Philippines (March 2008)
• Manila Pride Fest  Mandaluyong, Philippines
Official Selection (October 2007)
- Calauit: Isang Paraiso, Dalawang Mundo
(Calauit: A Paradise of Contradictions)
Documentary for Institute of Popular Democracy
- Kiss ‘mo Ko (Kiss Me)
- Umaga, Tanghali, Gabi (Morning, Noon, Evening)
• 2001 Star Awards for Television – Best Movie for Television
- Pariwara (Lost Soul)
* Monalisa - Best Actress/ Single Performance
           2001 Star Awards for Television
- Bakla (Homosexual)
• 1999 Asian TV Awards (Singapore) – Finalist, Best Movie for Television
*Romnick Sarmenta - Best Actor
          1999 Asian TV Awards (Singapore)
- I Love You, She Loves Me
- Guadalupe
- Hustisya (Justice)
- Tabloid story