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Ang Lalake sa Parola (2007)

Mateo (Harry Laurel) has been searching for his father (Richard Quan) who left when he was five. His search leads him to Lobo, Batangas only to discover that his father is in Dubai.

Awaiting his father’s return, Mateo works as the caretaker of Lobo’s lighthouse. Here, he meets Jerome (Justin de Leon), a gay man from the city. What ensues soon after the meeting is the beginning of his homoerotic journey, while Suzette (Jennifer Lee), Mateo’s girlfriend struggles for his love and attention.

Will Mateo, in the midst of his conservative rural community, cross the thin line between being straight and being gay?

This story is a search for oneself as seen through the lens of rural homosexuality, myths, and fairies; and the lies that people create to escape the bitter realities of life.

What begins as a search for one’s father evolves into a search for one’s self?

Director's Note:
Life is a journey and a continuous search for something. We might be looking for our roots, happiness or even material fulfillment. At the end of the journey, we realize that the search is all about finding one’s true self, and learning to accept and embrace it.