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Ang Lihim ni Antonio (2008)

Antonio, a curious 15-year old boy begins to ponder on the purpose of his life and identity. He has begun confronting issues that affect him - acceptance of his peers, his family which is on the verge of breaking up; and the sudden flare of his sexual urges.

Antonio’s mother, Tere, a hardworking community health care worker is in continuous denial that her husband has left them for another family. Antonio’s best friend, Mike, curiously confronts him regarding his sexual preference. And Antonio’s other best friend, Nathan, is avoiding him after their secret and intoxicated encounter.

Antonio’s life begins to take a dangerous yurn as his uncle Jonbert begins to live with them one Christmas vacation. Jonbert, a hedonistic and carefree young man, has become Antonio’s destructive sexual aim.

As Antonio immerses himself in erotic oblivion with Jonbert, his mother Tere, learns that Cito, Antonio’s father, has another family abroad. Soon, thereafter, the repressed mother accidentally discovers Jonbert sodomizing her son Antonio. And the incident exploded into a violent tragedy.

As the community silently watches in shock, Antonio confesses to the homicide while Tere is left in a psychological trauma.

Director's Note:
Abuse can happen to anyone. But the worst kind is the abuse that happens to a child. And the frightening reality is that most often the abuser is someone that we trust.

What they say about Antonio:

Philippine Daily Inquirer:

'Ang Lihim ni Antonio'
tonight in UP
Marinel Cruz
February 4, 2008

Philippine Entertainnment Portal:

"Ang Lihim ni Antonio"
showcases the anatomy of desire and longing Danio Caw February 11, 2008

"The human longings that stir deep within us are the focus of the new digital film, Ang Lihim ni Antonio."

"Lihim gifts viewers with emotions--both lighthearted and heavy dramatic scenes, which are felt throughout the film."

"But the true scene-stealer of the movie is Shamaine Buencamino..

Her scene infront of the mirror..
..brings to mind Hollywood actress Meryl Streep in the movie The Bridges of Madison County."

"All in all, Ang Lihim ni Antonio deserves your time and money."