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Unlikely romantic duos offer insights
By Rito Asilo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:35:00 08/07/2009
Filed Under: relationships and dating, Cinema, Entertainment (general)

"MANILA, Philippines—Love defies age, position or gender, and no one can demonstrate this better than the unlikely romantic duos of Anne Fletcher’s “The Proposal” and Joselito Altarejos’ “Little Boy, Big Boy.”

In his sexually provocative but insightful “pink” dramas (“Ang Lalaki sa Parola,” “Lihim ni Antonio”), Altarejos has proven that there’s more to his films than risqué themes. His latest effort goes beyond sexual provocation—which can only go so far. It examines the dynamic that exists in same-sex relationships, raising kids and how gay men operate in a world dictated by the stultifying standards of morality, religion and tradition."

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