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Same Consumption, More Cuddle

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"For me, Little Boy Big Boy is at the same boat with most of our mainstream romantic comedies with lesser decorousness. Indie films now start to use the romantic formula with a slight implication of societal function. Little Boy Big Boy could be the first to do this in its flock. To make a better comparison; if You Changed My Life made my body calories shrink into mottled skittles, and Dinig Sana Kita confined me in silence in the Himalayan Mountain, Little Boy Big Boy made me a tadpole. I could hop in all the vacant seats with every sweet gesture. It is really my mistake that I could not react so well in kilig types of films. But I could feel that my reaction in contrast could be better for people who prefer to watch this harmless entertainment.

Still in the same account with the cult film Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse), the film has explored social acceptance and admittance. It is a must in order to achieve the desired happiness -- so they say. It could be a little pushy for some, lest the solution is still in the uncharted Limbo of human dignity. But the film is cool just like the two Apple computers owned by Raymond that I wouldn’t mind having. Seriously, the film could still improve with its cinematography and even camera works. If you wish not be offended with glorified nudity, it has little of it anyway, this could be a quick look of nearly there state maturity of love between the two guys – still a lot to improve upon. The story is intentionally on the lighter approach and the Zach boy is cuddly and endearing to an extent. And they should really thank Zach for that matter. It’s also hard to judge as we also have our own imperfections and crosses to carry in our lives. Hopefully, we carry it with grace and with dignity. At most, we carry it out of love."

Charlie Koon's Rating:

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Little Boy Big Boy

Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential
Friday, July 31, 2009

"I usually get the chance to watch indie films on video. I had an opportunity for an invite for the premiere of the new film by the creative team that brought Ang Lihim ni Antonio and Ang Lalake sa Parola to the public. This invite was courtesy of Lex Bonife himself through his blog. Thank you Lex for this unique experience!

The movie is Little Boy, Big Boy. It revolves around the character, Raymund (played by Paolo Rivero), as he deals with his nephew, Zack (played by Renz Valerio) and a new partner, Tim (played by Douglas Robinson). In their pursuit for happiness, each individual finds each other and in the short time together, gains appreciation of what they have. It is a simple thoughtful film that despite it being gay-centered, each viewer may take from it something to think about - be it about family, love, acceptance or respect.

The production itself has improved especially the sound. In many scenes, it helped bring the emotion being presented but there were a few scenes where it was too loud that it overpowers the visuals. The orgy scene was a little too long and parts were unnecessary to the story. The plot was straightforward and allows the audience to relate with the use of Facebook as part of how they deliver the story. The actors were effective in their roles as they brought to life the characters they portray. Rivero is not new to acting and he performs well, allowing the audience to feel what his character is feeling and carrying the movie through the ups and downs of being a gay man. Valerio, does a good job particularly towards the end of the movie but at the start, it only felt like he was merely playing along withe scenes. A revelation is Robinson who showed a variety of emotions throughout the film and is able to relay it to the audience. Truthfully, it is the first time I have heard and seen him on film or TV. I may have been able to watch him then, but he makes an impact here in this movie. Using his natural accent allowed his acting to be more realistic.

Was it a simple story? Yes, but the simplicity is what made it make an impact because we were not sidetracked by unnecessary backstory or twists. Were they able to impart a message? Yes. Even the little conversations about being out or accepting what we cannot change give the bigger picture color. Is it worth watching? Definitely. Production-wise, one would feel that every one in the production had their heart into their work. Story, simple but solid. It is in high definition. Beat that.

My favorite line: "Thank you for making me stay in your house." Why? I am going through something difficult, which I can relate to what transpired in the film sans the character of the nephew. The night before the screening, I had a similar scene happening in my own house. My favorite scene: The shot at Timezone where the camera zooms out to include the typical family playing at the back. Why? For me it delivers the message that what constitutes a family is no longer just the typical father, mother and children and that it may include the set up of the characters in the film. "

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The Altarejos/Bonife Experience
The Crazy Life of TL
Friday, July 31, 2009

"It was a feel-good movie. A light story that actually has a lot of sense in different perspectives. What I liked about the film was that, the movie did not promise anything big in the beginning. So it ended up according to your expectation without regret. It was a realistic story that evolved in a normal gay set-up in terms of relationships, meet-ups, sex and involving people around you. And that I mean of the little boy in the cast.

I really thought that the little boy was the kid of Paolo Rivero in the movie, that's why it attracted a single dad like me. That was my impression in the trailer. But I was wrong when I watched it. The boy just entered in to his life when his girl friend left for hongkong to meet up a guy and left her son to him for a few weeks. That is where the story began. The life of a big boy with a little boy.

I like the honesty of the story. It teaches you that homosexuality is not a lie. It is not something that you should hide, that you should not be ashamed of. It is something to be told, to anyone, especially to the innocent ones. I like how Paolo explained this to the kid. Not controversial and not vulgar. How lovely it was to see how easy for a little boy to accept the gay truth compare to adults nowadays. How I imagine a world so easy for PLUs when acceptance is just like that.

It was an eye-opener for me also seeing an orgy session in the film, which I was told that in real situations of sexual adventures, that's how it is being done. I never experienced that and I barely meet people who does activities such as that. It never turned out to be a lustful or titillating scene as they have injected humor during the session thru a payatot and a fat guy doing comic scenes. I swear, that really made me laugh.

For a romantic TL, the best part of the movie, and yes, I have to admit the "kilig experience", were the cheesy scenes of the film. Yes, they have. And what impressed me was that, it was done artistically. They used regular lines, small acting, but nice set-up and scoring which made it look so real and what really happens in real life. That I think is the part where a lot of PLUs have related themselves to the movie. It did not turn out to be a trying hard scene.

That is what I like in the movie. It captures you. It makes you think. It makes you realize things. It allows you to participate emotionally and mentally. It gives you a big screen of your own lines, and somehow, a scene of your own life. I will not deny the fact that there were scenes I wished the scoring was not that loud, and I can also say it was not a heavy movie as Antonio and Parola. But the LB/BB movie is a good treat for everyone.
I am assuming that the movie was shot in the house of the director. I remember seeing it in his partner's blogsite. But anyways, another assumption I'd like to make is that, how the movie was executed by the director is a reflection of how he is in his life in terms of relationship. The way scenes were captured comes from deep experience in love. That's why it translated in a realistic manner.

I was touched how the director thanked his partner (Mark Xander) as part of the success of this movie making before the film started during his speech. Sweet! And the translation of a continous strong partnership of the director and the writer translates sensible films in their list. Looking forward to the next film they announced during the premiere. Another one to watch.

Let us support this one good movie especially made for us PLUs. And have another Altarejos/Bonife experience..."

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The Big Boy that was Almost the Little Boy
Miong 21
Friday, July 31, 2009

"Just saw "Little Boy/Big Boy" on its special premiere last night at the Robinson's Galleria with the whole cast (the child actor was not allowed to watch it of course) and crew including the director Jay Alterejos and screenwriter Lex Bonife (who provided me 2 premiere tickets for the movie, thanks Lex! Loved your cameo appearance!).

That was the first time I saw Lex in person, second for Mr. Altarejos. Mr. Danton Remoto was also there to introduce Direk Jay. The movie was great, in my own opinion. I don't have any background or experience in film directing or production but I can say the film was a great improvement from past films (Parola, Lihim & Kambyo) in terms of cinematography, sound, musical score & most especially and importantly the acting. Not that those previous films lacks in any of those categories.

I like the fact that in some scenes, Robinson's character "Tim" acts like a baby brother (or lover) to Rivero's character. I find it very cute 'cos I sometimes act up like that to June, LOLz! We have our own little ways of making pa-cute to our own boyfriends and I am one guilty person on that!

I was holding my June's hands throughout the film (like any other films we've seen, gay or mainstream) and I kept on pressing on him hard every time there's a touchy scene. Oops! No spoilers, it's a good movie you'll have to watch it. I like the way they ended the story, different and very uplifting from any Pinoy gay-themed film I've seen.

It's a touchy movie. And I love the cheesy moments on the film especially the "Ano, tayo na ba?" part. There were a couple of lines (and scenes) who were as if derived from my very own experience and I guess every Pinoy gay guy on the planet had felt and experienced such. I can relate to the two male lead characters, Raymond (played by Paolo Rivero) and Tim (played by Douglas Robinson). Been on the same boat one way or the other. The monogamity in a relationship, faithfulness and trust to each other. I have never had an open relationship. I understand some people are fine with it but I'm not.

I must say it's getting better and better every time! I am so proud of the entire Pinoy gay indie film industry! Kudos!"

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