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I heard my friend Aya, who lives next door, play BAYAN KO in her violin this morning.

"Ang bayan kong Pilipinas.. Lupain ng ginto't bulaklak.."

I was in the mall yesterday afternoon. I bought school shoes for my niece. Mark also bought a lunch bag for his niece. He decided to send it that day to Dumaguete. While he was transacting inside LBC, I sat on the stairs. I couldn't help but overhear two men talking beside me. They seemed to be working on the construction site in that mall.

Man 1: Magkano pinadala mo?
Man 2: Five hundred. Eto na nga lang ang natira hanggang sa susunod na sweldo.

Man 2 showed the money in his hand. The paper bills totalled TWO HUNDRED NINETY-PESOS.

I almost dropped the plastic bag containing the shoes which cost more than the five hundred pesos that the man sent to his family in the province.

"Bayan ko binihag ka nasadlak sa dusa.."

When I got home this evening, I sadly remembered the song.

"Aking adhika, makita kang sakdal laya.."