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Had a successful invitational premiere screening of LITTLE BOY BIG BOY last night in Galleria. Generally, the reactions are favorable, albeit, surprised to it being 'tame' compared to my other films.

Early this morning, I bonded with the 'kids.'

Antonio & I walked and ran around the village.

antonio after the walk

When we got home, It was Miming's turn.

beautiful miming

I let her nibble on my fingers.

playing time

Then, Antonio demanded attention again.

antonio demands attention

I never had pets in my life, until, seven months ago. My friends were surprised when they found out that I am living with a labrador, a cat, a bird and two hamsters.


But, it's never too late to be an animal lover, right?
Thank you, Marky, for helping me discover the gentleness and love that animals can offer.