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The MTRCB, our industry's moral compass, has finally approved the 3rd study of the poster for my new film Little Boy Big Boy.

Study 3: Approved!!!

These studies were not found deem for general patronage as they
"depict graphic homosexual love."

Study 1: X!!!

Study 2: X!!!

I totally agree with them. A half-naked man lying on top of another half-naked man is graphic. These images connote homosexuality. And homosexuality is immoral.

Because it is so hard to explain to minors that there is this thing called homosexuality, and that two people of the same gender can fall in love. Because it is easier to explain to children why people kill and throw fists at each other. And it is far more entertaining to watch the handicapped (read: pilay, bulag, etc. ), aesthetically challenged (read: bungal, kalbo, etc.) and the racially different (read: negro, bombay, etc.) made fun of on national television.

Yes, I agree with them. We are living in the dark ages. Homosexuality has not been invented yet.

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