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SHOOT FOR GMA 7's Dear Friend

NEWS: In AGB’s Mega Manila survey last Sunday, director Joselito Altarejos’ “Dear Heart” episode hit an impressive 14.1% as against the competition’s 9.2%.(as reported by STIR)

Last June 10 to 12, I shot the four-part story of "Madrasta" for GMA 7's Dear Friend. It is a melodrama about a complicated relationship of the stepmother, Gellie (IWA MOTO), and her stepdaughter, Shiela (YASMIEN KURDI). In usual conflicts that figure in such relationship, the husband, Arnold (GARY ESTRADA), is caught in the middle. It is further complicated by the presence of Sheila's scheming boyfriend, Paolo (KEVIN SANTOS- who has the making of a good actor) and Obet (MARCO ALCARAZ), the sympathetic friend of Shiela.

the wedding scene: Gary, Iwa, Yasmien & Marco

It was a fun shoot. Had a good time reconnecting with Gary, a friend from our Viva days, Executive Producer Mona; Associate Producer Lian and Production Designer Jeng.

The four-part story started airing last Sunday, 17 May, until 07 June. The initial response was overwhelmingly high and we hope that it will be sustained in the coming airings.

the boat ride to Capones Island: Marco(texting), Yasmien (in deep thought?) & Kevin (at the back in blue life vest)

play dead or play sick?

the location: Punta de Uian in Pundaquit, Zambales

"Madrasta" is written by Kit Langit under Jun Lana's supervision, the show's Headwriter.Dear Friend airs after SOP in GMA.

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