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Poster Study #2

I just got the sound and music elements of my latest "baby" Little Boy BIG BOY from the Musical Scorer RICHARD GONZALES. ONAY SALES, the Editor, informed me yesterday that she finished the audio-video lock. MARK is finalizing the poster based on the new photo by FRANK HOEFSMIT and comments from Viva. Video grading and some graphics are the only ones left in the post production process of Little Boy.

The "FAMILY" in Timezone Trinoma

Little Boy , written by the young and brilliant Screenwriter LEX BONIFE,is a tale of finding happiness in every boy within us.
Lester Jacinto(Production Designer), Odie Calayag (Asst. Director) & Lex

I watched the rough edit and was impressed by the work done by Director of Photography ARVIN VIOLA. I think Little Boy is the most relatable of all the digital films I've done. The story might have happened to anyone- gay or otherwise. A very simple film that subtly creeps and appeals to one's emotions. And surprisingly, DOUGLAS ROBINSON, as Tim, gave a very sincere and felt portrayal of a lover who thought he was betrayed by his partner Raymond, PAOLO RIVERO.

The Goodbye Scene

Arvin & I conferring on a shot

I hope the final cut, with music, sound and graphics, will live up to Mark's high expectations. I'll be waiting for you in theaters in late June 2009.

The Clan : Paolo, me, Renz, Mark & Dougs

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