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Little Boy, Renz Valerio, is a Big Boy

I just finished shooting my latest digital feature  "LITTLE BOY, BIG BOY."  I will start editing this week.  Thus, my feeling of uncertainty and insecurity after shooting each film has been with me for the past week.  All I can say is, it is well photographed and Renz Valerio has emerged as the "biggest boy" among the three lead characters in the said film. The other boys" in the cast are Paolo Rivero and Douglas Robinson.  Renz plays Zach, Paolo's nephew, whose appearance in Paolo's life has changed the latter's lifestyle.

Renz is ready for his close-up.

                  Renz with his two"daddies" waiting for the take in Timezone Trinoma.

               Renz shot by DOP, Arvin Viola.

Renz, who is a mainstay of Batang Bibbo in GMA and who was Robin Padilla's son in Joaquin Bordado, amazed me and the rest of the staff while working for this film. Young as he is, I observed his dedication and commitment towards his craft. Kudos to his parents who silently worked with him practicing his lines and guiding him before each scene.  

          Paolo and Douglas in the "goodby scene."

"BIG BOY" has turned out to be an adult gay film with lots of sensitive scenes and  heart-warming moments enough for Lex Bonife, the writer, to quip that the film is "a sex-drama na pang buong pamilya."

   Paolo and Douglas in one of the sensitive scenes.

* More about the shoot in my next blogs.

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