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Cook Magazine

Foodies are familiar with COOK Magazine, a glossy and very informative publication about food and cooking.  It's editor is Ms. Nancy Lumen.

                                            "How to survive directing a cooking show"

I am featured for this month's issue regarding my stint as the director of        
KA-TOQUE in QTV 11. Ka-toque was a cooking show which originally  featured five chefs- Darlo, RB, Nino, Jonah and Mitchie.  Eventually, RB had to leave the show when she was given her own cooking show, Quickfire. When JL resigned, he was replaced by commercial model-turned-chef Jeremy.  I had amusing experiences doing the show.  The show aired for three years and had its final episode last December.  

                                           the set- my view from the control booth

                                         The Chefs:  Darlo, Nino, Mitchie, Jonah, Jeremy 

                                                          Ka-toque Family

The feature was written by Mr. Edgar Cruz.   Sir Edgar is the editor-in-chief of entertainment site STIR ( http://www.stir.ph/?ai=null ).  Salamat, po!

Reading the feature reminded me of my Ka-toque family.  Miss you, guys!