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Idiot Board

I had an amusing experience in an event I directed recently.  One of the guests was a male singer whose name must have been derived from a religous belief.  The singer sounded nice but kinda nasal.  He wowed the audience.  He knew how to play with the crowd.  It must have been enough for me to really admire him but I heard  a conversation between members of the staff prior to the show which prevented me from appreciating his performance fully. 

Apparently, the said singer asked for an idiot board for a song.  And I wondered, if one is a singer and paid over a hundred grand for less than an hour of exposure, just four songs at that, can he not memorize a song which the client requested months ago?  More baffling is the fact that he has a theater background.  Theater people have a certain discipline that they adhere to whatever assignment they have.  "Baka raket lang sa kanya?"  I heard another ask.  The other member of the staff said, to my amusement, "Then, give the idiot, his idiot board."   

Well said, indeed.