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I have been a subscriber of Globe communications on a post-paid plan basis for almost three years now. Because of my loyalty, sometime in September 2008, I was offered and  issued an iPhone unit as part of my benefits as a postpaid 4500 Plan holder.  I paid an additional Ten Thousand Pesos (Php10,000.00) for the said iPhone unit.

 Shortly thereafter, or starting the first week of October 2008, the iPhone unit issued to me would occasionally hang and its screen would freeze, making it impossible for me to make calls from the same unit.  Whenever this occurs, I would have to re-boot the unit by pressing the power button twice, first to turn it off, and second, to turn it on.

On 10 October 2008 while on my way to Baguio for an event, my iPhone unit again malfunctioned in the way described above.  By then, however, the unit could no longer be re-booted as it refused to turn off even after I pressed the power button.  Because of what happened, I took out my SIM card which I intended to transfer to my Nokia phone unit.  When I returned the sim tray it got stuck and eventually got broken.

On 21 October 2008, I visited Globe Center at the Podium Mall in Pasig City to inform them of my problem with my iPhone unit.  I was attended to by MARIA GLENISE APOLTO who promised me that she will coordinate with Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone, about my problem.  My transaction was recorded as Transaction MMA9788.

For three weeks, I waited for word from Ms. Apolto.  On 18 November 2008, I went to the Globe Center located at SM Carpark Cyberzone and talked to KENNETH ARCILLA.  Mr. Arcilla told me that they have no after sales service for iPhone and that I should directly transact with Mac/Apple if I want my phone fixed.  I was further informed that even Mac/Apple does not offer after sales service for iPhone in the Philippines.  I asked Mr. Arcilla to send me a letter or an email officially informing me about the said information or up date me about the problem.  I gave him my two email accounts and other contact numbers.

To date, I haven’t received any update on my concerns and I could not use my iPhone for my calls because its SIM card tray remains broken/deformed.

My questions to GLOBE:

1.      Why was not I informed that they don’t have after-sales service for iPhone when they offered me the unit?

2.      If  GLOBE is so proud of  their feat as the exclusive distributor of iPhone, why didn’t they make sure that concerns regarding the unit will be addressed here in the Philippines?

3.      And why, despite its “efficient “ Customer Service in following up payments, has it not updated me regarding my concerns?


Now, my lawyer is preparing a complaint to DTI  hoping that GLOBE will communicate with us and prove that subscribing to GLOBE is a smart idea, after-all.