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From Dumaguete to Bantayan Part 2

Last March 12, Mark and I arrived in Silay.  The following day, March 13, we went to Sagay City hoping to catch a boat to Bantayan Island.

Another bus ride...

Silay to Sagay= P 56.00

view from the bus

Upon arrival in Sagay City, we found a place a place to eat owned by the very friendly Weng.  

Mother and Child

We devoured her vegetables for lunch.  She also negotiated with the tricycle driver to take us to the"pantalan" in old Sagay.   

While waiting for the tricycle to leave, we busied ourselves with our cam and capture images as seen from the tricycle...


Where money goes.

The Twins

busy people

maximizing resources

"Into thy hands, I commend my child."

bright-eyed boy...

... not for long, though.

The view to the pier.

"I'm here."
"I'm yours."

We found out that the pump boat was scheduled to leave the following day.  

We just explored the area.

Museo sang Bata sa Negros
Old Sagay, Sagay City
Negros Oriental

Everybody is welcome...

My Favorite

The following day, we were greeted by  the parade as we traced our steps back to Weng's eatery.

The parade...

After a quick breakfast, we were ready to leave.

The sky was blue.  

The breeze blew gently.  

It was a perfect day to travel by sea.

En route to Bantayan, we passed by Carbin Reef.

A patch of white sandbar in the middle of the sea off the coast of Sagay.

frying my tats under the sun

After the two-hour boat ride, we were greeted by the quaint little town of Bantayan.



I mean, we are.  hehehehe.

Where to?

To the ladies in the park...

We took another ride to Sta. Fe.

The beach in Sta. Fe is astonishing. 

white sand and a dream beach house

Clean waters...

Once again, like in Apo Island...

we relished every moment...

We had fun...

...and we walked.

Happiness, here and now.

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