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Creamy Dies

I have been here in Dumaguete since Sunday, March 8. I am here to see Mark again. Last Sunday was the last time I saw Creamy alive.

I only got acquainted with Creamy two months ago. Mark introduced him to me the first time I went to his house. He was sick. He was already blind due to old age.

Monday evening, we found Creamy dead when we went back to have dinner in Mark's house. His children where cleaning him up. I could feel that Mark was devastated. Which he confirmed later when he said, "Allow me to sit down and cry." Creamy had been with him for three years. It was a good and full life for a Russian Dwarf hamster.

Mark told me stories about Creamy. One of which was why he got him from the pet shop. He said, he saw how bad Creamy's living condition was and bought him. Creamy had a partner and soon had children. The few times I saw Mark with his pets: dogs, Millie (the parrot), and his hamsters, I could really see the connection he has with them. He would talk to them, feed them and take care of them.

That Sunday night, Mark grieved Creamy's death. I comforted him the best way I could. And I thought, if he can take care and love creatures like Creamy, then, I can trust this beautiful and sensitive man my life.