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Big Boy/Small Boy: My New Film

Lex Bonife is young and a brilliant writer.  I like working with him because he has fresh take on things. He has written all my three digital films and we are collaborating on some projects now.

He just sent me ans SMS that says "I am working on the last 10 sequences."  I am excited to read the first draft of our new film "Big Boy/Small Boy".

Here's a note about the project which he posted on his blog: http://lexuality.com :

"I'm currently working on a new script for the new Joselito Altarejos film "Big Boy/Small Boy", a story about a carefree urban gay man who suddenly discovers the joy of playing a father to a little boy.

The intention of this story is to illustrate the capacity of a gay man for "unconditional love", that a gay man is not just an organism of pleasure, but he can also be a source of nurturing and care."

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