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Laugh, Sing, Walk

I am a true pedestrian at heart. 

I just lurv to walk. I walk to and from the gym.  I mean, it's a good 30-minute walk and it easily serves as my warm-up and cool down.  

From UP Village, my feet take me to the busy streets of the Quezon City Circle, and after a quick turn to North Avenue, I find myself in Edsa -- where the gym is.

I choose to walk for a few good reasons.  

First, it's good cardio. The 30 mins. that one spends on a boring treadmill can easily be replaced by an interesting walk. Secondly,  I really do save quite a bit on gas and parking fees. That's Php 40 for parking + Php 30 for a liter of gasoline. When you multiply that amount to the number of days I go to the gym in a year, it adds up to Php 16,800 -- an amount good enough to buy me a ticket to any part of Asia. And third, it's just nice to know that my carbon footprint for all my walking hours is zero. 

I've been going to the gym religiously for five years now and all my walking this month has helped me attain my ideal weight -- 130 lbs (with 1% fat to lose).

Go figure.

What about skin cancer? I say, SPF 30 is good enough protection for morning sun.  

Pollution? I say, millions of Filipinos live in Metro Manila and we breathe the same air.  

And besides, when I walk, I see people. People who evoke different reactions from me -- happiness, guilt, envy, anger, sadness, and even love. And then I feel alive. 

Life is good.