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Gay Films and More

I had a meeting with someone interested in producing a digital film.  

He already has a story (and a cast!) and wants it done soon.  Fine. I mean, I -- of all people, have no qualms about doing another gay film. But before I sit on my director's seat, I have a few considerations to meet. Is the project going to say something new about being gay? Will it advance the causes that I believe in ? And lastly, is it going to be worth my time and effort? Show me the money.  

I choose my projects based on the number of "yes" answers I get. And only if all these questions are answered yes, I will do it.  

To be honest, I am still not decided on this particular offer because I am also doing pre-production work on two other digital films at the moment. The first one is about a long-term gay couple dealing with something as debilitating as separation (for Digital Viva) while the other film is about the cycle of poverty that the poor can't seem to escape. This story will be seen through the eyes of a gay sex performer.  The latter -- tentatively called Sabong --  will be produced by my production group, BEYONDtheBOX.  Sabong, hopefully,  will be produced together with the audience who believes in my work (more on how to help this film in my future blogs).

Yes, I will continue to do gay films and  I hope that those who appreciated the first three I made will continue to give my work a chance -- gay or not.