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For My M.

February 14th was a day when everyone was looking for a place to spend Valentine's Day.

I stayed home because a certain someone prepared a simple yet lovely vegan dinner for me..

Someone young, beautiful and intelligent..

He inspires me and has made me look at relationships through a different periscope. One that is much brighter and more colorful; more honest and direct.

We once walked a certain path together and decided to build something. We may be looking at the same direction, but we see things in different perspectives. When one loses focus, the other tugs him and leads him back to the destination.

We love each other dearly and have great conversations. We talk a lot. We make love a lot..

We fight a lot. Then we talk some more, and then we walk together again.. 

This person I walk with in life is a certain Mark Xander Fabillar..

My vegan prince.