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Aloy Adlawan's Padyak

Padyak is the latest independent feature offering of prolific televison and Palanca-winning film writer Aloy Adlawan. His most recent work is the Valentine's Day hit When I Met U, and his indie features include Roomboy and Signos

Padyak tells the story of Noel, a pedicab driver, and his daily routine of taking strangers to their destinations. In doing so, he takes glimpses into other people's lives not knowing the personal tragedies that await him. This leads him to existential musing. Does life really matter?  And will the world be that much different without a pedicab driver like him?

Padyak stars Jay Aquitania (Roxxxane) and is supported by an able cast ensemble  composed of Irma Adlawan, Emilio Garcia, Bodjie Pascua, Macoy Fondales, Angel Jacob, Katherine Luna, Mercedes Cabral, Hazel Ann Mendoza, Sabrina Man, Arnold Reyes and Baron Geisler.

The film will premiere on March 2nd at 7pm in Robinson's Galleria.  Regular run is set on March 4th until the tenth in Robinson's Indiesine.